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Analingus is the practice of licking a partner's anus aka the rim. The anus has many nerve endings in it and is especially sensitive to touch. A rim job is basically a French kiss for the asshole. Bon appetit!

Toss My Salad

While there are several phrases to describe ass licking, the most notorious is most likely "tossing salad." Tossing salad became popular after HBO broadcasted Chris Rock's 1996 stand up comedy special, Bring the Pain. During the show, Rock mentioned the graphic nature of an HBO prison documentary during which an inmate talks about tossing salad using "jelly or syrup." While Rock joked about tossing salad, anyone who has ever seen the HBO Undercover documentary "The Prisoners of the War on Drugs" knows that there is indeed a "Tossed Salad Man" in it.


anilingus, anolinctus, anolingus, tossing salad, rim job, eating ass

This term is also related to the rusty trombone, whereby a man gets rimmed from behind while receiving a hand job.  The likeness to a trombone being played accounts for the name of this act.

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