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Racing Stripe

A narrow vertical slash of pubic hair.


Sex without a condom; BAREBACK

Reach Around

The act of performing anal sex on a man and reaching around to the front to simultaneously give him a hand job.

Red Light District

An area of a city or town where prostitution is available.


The fetish for boots or shoes, is fairly common and is clearly linked to domination and power. May be linked to other clothing fetishes.


Performing oral sex on the anus, especially licking the edge of the anus. See also ANILINGUS.

Role Play

In role-playing, participants adopt characters, or parts, that have personalities, motivations, and backgrounds different from their own. Role-playing is like being in an improvisational drama or free-form theatre, in which the participants are the actors who are playing parts.

Roman Shower

Vomiting on partner, usually after drinking urine..


2. Substance made from latex.


A Rubberist is a person with a fetish for rubber, latex or, more loosely, PVC clothing.

Rusty Trombone

When someone licks a man's ass and reaches around to the front to masturbate his penis. So called because it appears that the person is blowing into the ass and manipulating the penis like a musical instrument.

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