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Bondage technique which applies rope or twine in a net-like decoration over the torso. Very popular in Japan and in gay bondage.


Ability to transfer emotions caused by pain to erotic feelings.

Masturbation, Masturbate

Relating to or similar to MASTURBATION.


Groin, Crotch or Thigh

Meat Rack

A gay male cruising area.


Role-play where the activities of medicine are eroticized. Typical medical play scenarios include intimate examinations, catheterization and enemas. It should be noted that attempting to carry out medical procedures without medical training and hygiene is potentially highly dangerous.

Menage A Trois

When three people have sex together at once. A threesome.


Pubic hair wig.


Peach. Momo shibari is a form of tying the thighs so the sub is forced to kneel with the head low to the floor and the buttocks raised so they resemble a peach.

Money Shot

The climactic scene in a porn film when the man ejaculates, usually onto the person's body or face; a cum shot.

Monkey Sex

When someone takes your dick back between your legs and sucks you off


Pejorative term for a fan who is obsessed with the adult industry.

Morning Glory

Intercourse imediately after waking up.


BDSM abbreviation for Master/Slave


Prone to having MULTIPLE ORGASMS.


A person subjected to 'Mummification' is completely wrapped up, often in Saran Wrap.


A social gathering of the fetish/BDSM community, usually in a public restaurant. Fetish wear, toys and public play is not allowed

Mushroom Stamping

The act of pressing the head of ones penis into another persons forehead or other facial area.

Mutual Masturbation

Masturbating in close proximity to someone else or using the hand to fondle another person's genitals.


Arousal from soiled clothing or foul odors.

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